The City of Vaughan politics and debates made me drowsy. Few tweets and I vicariously started to back horses via twitter. The involvement was fast on my part as both Ms. Chow and Mr. Tory were seasoned politicians. Ms. Chow lost, Mr. Tory won. “We’ as Doug Ford like to use came in second but was the real looser although the media and Pundits like to point out they were a force. My question starts with what type of force? the Globe and Mail has a take on John Tory as well as Ford Nation. Ford Nation tapped into frustration of those who lack the same privilege that some have in Toronto. Rob Ford has a council seat and we wish him well in his health. FordNation on the other hand is not one that I find comfortable when weeping women compare John Tory Win To ISIS Coming To Toronto.  There was so much going on pre and post election that could make one debate issues on twitter. The only non debate item was the debates themselves. Boring, except for Ari Goldkind who was smart like Chow & Tory but had fresh ideas with his own insights. Watching him live in the only debate I went to by invitation, made me believe that the future is exciting.

The stroking of fears by the Fords instead of building community togetherness is a very negative political tool. Right wing politicians as well as the radical left try to use it to their advantage even if has the came effect as cluster bombs to the brains of their followers. This is the same tool fundamentalist use to promote their way of thinking and as we know incites hate that can lead to killing those they consider ‘the other.’ The killing of Corporal Nathan Cirillo shook Canadians and we must speak out against hate speech not just in a religious setting but also take a look at what Ford Nation is doing to the minds of their followers to obtain power. Even in defeat Doug Ford was ungracious as his little brother. Toronto will now be a little more boring like Vaughan. Perhaps I will have to start looking into our taxes and check out Vaughan city hall. Do we have a map of Vaughan?

It was fun to read the tweets, some made me LOL. Back to my usual followers.