The US history does not give us all a safe place. The Europeans came, settled and wiped out Indigenous peoples, killed Africans as they kidnapped  them and stole their children to help build their capitalist society. Then they bombed Japan, the only country who used WMD. Then the lies to help the world support the Bush war in Iraq.
Obama told the world that he was different, and we felt great to hear his verbiage about war, race and progressive values. IF he does not believe in war what a way to go.  He wants to tell others what to do, yet he cannot stop the guns in the US that kills much more. The Americans should wake up as they have been always viewed as Ugly Americans. The good they do is lost by how they like to play the bully using weapons.
I am not happy with Assad in Syria but when I look at the mess in Iraq, Libya and not to forget Afghanistan; the Americans cannot be trusted. The Arab world was not always Muslim. Egypt was a Christian society until the conversion which leaves the Christians in danger from time to time.   The US armed the jihad in Afghanistan then they looked away when women were abused in this system. Stoned to death and not a word of reproof. The same can be said when their Iraq sent chemicals to Iran. Then they went in to Iraq and killed many and currently Obama’s drones kill innocent people. Not a word. From where I stand, this is true hypocrisy. All countries do practice unjust behaviours. Some more than others. But the US is the most weaponized nation with the mad hatter at the tea party. Wait till those Bible thumping religious zealots get power.

Use power to bring peace, stop selling weapons – yell it from the top. No one is listening. Feed your poor and give them health care. They are still buying arms instead.
We have a world that is a mess because of NATO a group that should be disbanded. We have a UN that is a joke. History is filled with the powerful using their might to get their way.
Every country who was #1 wanted to continue to be on the top or fighting yo acquire that position. Colonialism gives way to Imperialism.

We have no one to advocate for the poor and the weak. All religions say to us to feed the poor and to love our sister/brother as ourselves.

All the US will do with this BOMB/strike  will be to kill civilians, a lot more children.  And to think I was a fan of Obama. The US wants to keep the world for their children and grandchildren; but what about the arming the jihadist and killing of other peoples’ children and grandchildren.

The Americans never pay a price for their actions in terms of action on their soil by another nation. Yet they do suffer. In poverty and in health. How they suffer!

Thank you Canada, I love living in this wonderful yet flawed country Innocent