I have a great vet but I do not like him. He likes taking my blood. That is rude. I think he is a vampire or he would not take it every time I go to see him. NO, that was a mistake – I am dragged there. They put me in a cage- legs first! can you believe that. So disgusting. How can they do this to me, dehumanizing actions. That is against my rights. The Animal Rights should know about this. Between the vet and my parents they have me taken for granted and think they can do what they like in my best interest.
That place stinks of dog, but do not let my cousin Suki know. Mum was trying to tell his parents to take him there. Wait till the Vampire Vet gets his blood. He will  have move to drink. Nasty man. I think I should report him as well.

Better stop complaining but I was upset that day with no one to talk to. I should have vomited in the cage and given them more work. Mum sits with me in the back, rubbing me and saying nice things  because she does not want me to be afraid.  That is nice.

Bye now, Daisy