The TV is on and everyone is concerned. Why? This talk of justice.
No one cares about how I feel about the racoons. I don’t like that they climb on my roof. I have rights.
They have larger eyes than me. Mum has taught me that we are all part of this community, me part of them?
No way. I am different. I am an indoor cat, white and black. Some call me black and white but why?
That is racism. White racism – I mean I am allowed to use the word white to start with, does not have to be black and white.. Mum said I could not get a gun in Canada so that this idea is just an American idea of bullying.
Humans have real problems and I should not be making fun about the stupid laws they make.

I have no problems with the racoons as I never get to see them. I am locked inside. Poor Racoons have no home, no food and no one to pamper them. So when I stand my ground I am saying I am thankful that someone is there for me and takes care of me. Not that stupid law that kills other people. The justice system is all wrong in the USA and they should not try and teach the world to be more like them.

Canada is multicultural that means it includes me as well. I am staying in Canada and will not move to the USA