It is impossible to watch the news both from the USA and Canada. There is so much more spin and a lack of fact checking. They ask us to stay informed and read ‘their’ latest news. But what junk. Maybe this is true

‘Wall Street Journal’ sued by star reporter for discrimination

The Wall Street Journal has conducted multiple rounds of layoffs this year. In a lawsuit, former reporter Stephanie Armour says the paper tried to shed employees with significant health-care costs by citing “trumped up performance issues.”

It is hard to find news and when companies are sued by their reporter it tells you about the people or companies who own current news outlets. Perhaps we need our community newspapers to flourish like the one below.

The World-Spectator is not your average small town newspaper. And it never has been.

The paper’s original publisher covered the Northwest Resistance from its front lines in 1885, even though it was happening out of the paper’s coverage area.

Weedmark himself has travelled to Afghanistan, the Philippines and Vietnam for the paper in recent years.

He views his paper as a community service first, rather than solely as a business.