I pretend that I do not mind sharing, but I do. I saw Mum taking my food out of my bottle. She took it out and gave it to the ‘little thing’ which they call that cat from next door. It has family so why does this small under grown cat come and take my food. Yes, my food. No one asked me about this. you know, this type of behaviour is unfair and uncalled for. How would they like it if I took their food and gave it to strangers. This has got to stop.
I did not mind when the cats with no homes came, then the raccoons frightened my Mum and the horrid cat that screams all the time thinking he owns our space chased them away. Mum stopped the food thing until little missy from the house next door came begging. They think I am not looking and if they see me looking come and give me a few kibbles from my own food. What cheek and down rights abusive behaviours. Would you like it if a dress you liked were given away. Oh, I am being what they call a sexist. Big words for little me.
All I want you to know is that I do not like little missy for next door eating my food. I may be plump but I am not stupid. Food is the life blood of a cat, not your silly clothes that I mentioned earlier. I am so angry about this that I better stop and go and eat my kibbles they left out for me. If they see this I will get a lecture about Christianity – how Jesus said to share. I am going to join the Tea Party and become their type of Christian. They do not see sharing as a virtue. Have a good night. ©