Let me tell you how it all started. I was lost. Really lost. I came to this home and they gave me some food. Nice, but there was a big black ‘cat’. Then I looked at the house next door. There was another one like me inside. Some people call me a cat, but I am not just a cat. I am special, I am more, almost like the two legged humans.
I then saw Mum who was talking to this other me, Molly. I knew I had to get into this home. Then I saw Grandma.  She was sweet and she loved this Molly but Molly did not go to her.  Hello, foolish one!
I knew she needed me, me! How do I tell them my name. They won’t understand me.

My task was to get noticed. I rolled around and jumped around in the back yard. Then Mum noticed me. Pay dirt! She came out, but I heard her say – this cat is fat, must belong to someone. Oh, my goodness! She won’t take me in.

When the sun went down, I was frightened. It was going to rain. Rain! I am going to get wet and it will be… I could not think – I had to get in.
Last effort. I went to the glass door and stood up against it. Four paws flat , with my eyes wide. Mum saw me and went to the front door. At this I rushed around, and as soon as she opened the door I ran into the house. Thank God Molly was no where to be seen. Grandma was there and said “poor little thing, put her in the office”.  OMG, she called me little, when that other person said I was fat. Never mind the name calling. I was in. I was inside.  Grandma Doreen needed me, I could see.  She was older and would like me better. I smiled, but then these humans don’t know our smiles.  I said to myself, behave. You need them to like you. I got put into this office, nice . Food oh and water, and a kitty litter. What! heaven on earth , I hit pay dirt.
More to come….