Open for Business – or cutting $ for those who are not making ends meet? The nastiness toward the population who these MPs and MPPs have been elected to serve and whose taxes pay their salaries must be checked.  We the citizens cannot let the political nastiness they inflict have us voicing the words they use – when discussing the ‘other’ political parties  and on Social Media making everyone who has another view  the ‘other’ with put down quotes.

Changing the direction of society OR as our talking heads like to state – “the country” is really about changing everyday living and our lives. The power in the hands of a few – in Ontario the 75 members of the PC Party to shape our lives without a care says more about us citizens then the 75, names we cannot remember most of the time.  These 75 think they own Ontario and do not act like care takers of a province that they will leave in 4 years.

We in Ontario must hold them accountable daily by making our voices heard in their offices, by email or letters. Advocacy works.

When liked minded people get together with people who have different views – it is the ability to give and take that will bring the group to an understandings of an issue and outcomes rather than leaving it up to 75 politicians who in their dreams think the majority voted for them.  You may not get everything that you want on most issues but like most families who usually has to compromise when major issues are discussed, we have to do the same negotiations. Until we see each other as part the Canadian family – we will see those who do not see eye to eye with us as the other.

The issue now can have at least 3 key messages to discuss with each MPP/MP usually on a Friday when you can request a meeting as you are part of the Riding they serve. At the meeting have a letter signed by the group, take 2 other members of your group with you.  MPPs and MPs need to know that they cannot hold us, citizens, hostage because we do not have a high priced Lobbyist to lobby the government for us.  Imagine if these small groups multiplied and communicated with each other not as PCs, Liberals, or NDPs but as Canadians who wanted the best for Canada and Canadians. Large groups with their size lobby the government who will pander to them. But then they are only looking out for their group and do not speak for the all of us who wish to have input into government.  Working together to make change is important or we are allowing 75 mostly power-hungry politicians who owe their power to large contributors to make policies that affect our lives. Social Media is a place to let off steam and amounts to nothing. Change occurs only when agency is taken back by the citizens. Politicians come and go – we the citizen pay the horrific price when society fails.

How do we stop this current horrible Nastiness? This is one idea of how healing the political debate and taking back control of policies can occur – I am sure there are more ideas out there.