It is not what you say but what you do. Humans think that dogs with their big voice are much smarter than us cats – I hate calling myself a cat. Not that I am ashamed of being a cat but living with humans I find myself a bit different from ‘cats.’ Forgive me but I am not a snob. Just trying to understand life.
What is in a label? Cat, dogs, humans? It counts when others look at you.

As Daisy – use my name! I am me. I do not communicate much with my voice but when I do they are thrilled to hear it. You see, watching dogs I learned that giving too much of yourself will deplete the respect others have for you. You must know when to give information – oh!!! and to who. There is nothing more disturbing than someone you just saw goes on and on. Too close. I say to Mum can you make them shut up (she is a therapist – and just has that face) but of course she does not do anything. She know who she can trust with information. I hear them talking to each other – Mum and Dad but they keep stuff to themselves. Letting others know or asking questions for information makes for strange bedfellows. I know I sleep with Mum and Dad. They are always talking to me so I know more about them then they know of me – get my point? Of course they trust me as I never talk about other people, let alone myself.

Now about them tricks! No cat who has any pride performs for others. This is because we respect ourselves. We know that we were not born to jump around to make others feel they have power over us. I do not have to perform to be liked – who cares, I love myself. So we have taught humans how to respect us. We know what they are saying and asking but ignoring them creates a certain amount of respect. They can like us but they have to earn our trust.
Trust is there but they know if they go to far that we have claws. Boy, they hate getting scratched. If we get bugged we just ignore the person and distance ourselves from them. No way are we going to have a relationship with someone that is not to our standards. One has to have values. We cats know how to ignore people. Watch me.

What am I saying about life? Is is about respect, trust and boundaries. I have a wonderful life and everyone loves me. What do I give in return? well, they have to work to get my attention, they have to think that I need t hem, they have to get my affection – now you get my drift??  Have fun trying to be me. Can you???? See the rewards. Hugs from Daisy (really?)images[1]