When I came to the house it was summer. Granma already had a stoke. But, she never thought of herself of not being able to do anything. “I do myself’ – and oh! Mum was overprotective. She got Gran all the home care available so she could stay at home. People do not know what they can get to stay at home. Mum talks a lot about this and told me to put down steps as to how you access help the government gives. Gran was a special lady and she really love little me. Oh, her eyes always lighted up. I adopted her and we became so close. Every day she would give me an extra treat from her food and if Mum did not see it I got to eat a bit of something. She loved to feed me. I wish I learned to dance so I could have danced for her – you see my legs are a bit shot and I cannot do jazz or tap. I do have structural issues. Enough about my body image.

I posted her picture so you can see her. She had a good smile Рbeautiful.  Everyone came to see her. She was like a gran dam, holding court. I always left when she had a lot of people as she did not need my attention. Molly the other feline in the house never came and visited. She hated our room and when Mum brought her to see Gran, she always ran like a bat out of hell Рwhatever that means. Humans say the odd things. Are there bats in hell, I do not think so as there will be bats in heaven. They did not sin, only humans. We non humans had no choice, they were the ones who did not behave and still do not behave.

Oh, I better stop and will continue a bit more about my wonderful Gran when I get to use this computer again, Till then my friends Рthe wonderful Ms. Daisy