I have to speak out! I hate TV. Harper, Ford, Cruz and it goes on and on…..

I have been listening to the TV, all they had on was that poor chap Mayor Ford with a big problem. He has an eating disorder, then the big brother of his bullies him, and others put him on a diet.  When I am stressed I go to food. My vet told dad that he cannot put me on a diet or exercise as it is not the best for my health. I take so many insults from family and family friends who are derogatory  and unfeeling. I am healthy but they just see my fat. However, unlike Mayor Ford I know how to deal with others who are unfeeling. I have a great ego and know myself.  I am fat because of my genes. I am fat get off my back or I will scratch you. I saw the Mayor on that video and he sure would loose the fight with me. 2 feet vs 4 feet.

From my rug in front of the fire – I see are two separate problems. One is mental health and the other is the law or governance. Oh my, using a lot of her language. Mum will get me for this.
1) When we see someone not taking care of their health we discuss this but unlike animals humans cannot be dragged to the vet (doctors for them). We have no rights in this area. Poor humans, they have no skills to live on the streets – yet we see them there. They do not get treatment when they are mentally ill or have a substance abuse problem. Many go to jail and the hard line conservatives want to build more private jails ( I heard that from Mum) which get paid lock people up. So beds are cut in hospitals for addiction, untrained people in substance abuse counseling making money. I understand why Mayor Ford won’t go. He knows how much money has been cut from programs as he is cuts public health in Toronto. Perhaps, like rich folk he can go to the USA – Betty Ford and get treated.   Enough about his mental health or lack understanding his feelings.
2) Breaking the law. How did the police not catch him with all the bags getting to his car, the video and all the young black me around him in jail or dead. He is the top dog (oh my, I mean human) in Toronto ( why do they use us to describe them?) and he is an example and makes decision on big stuff. That is not allowed. That can make a lot of people suffer. If you cannot manage your life can you manage mine – or a city??

Why is so many mixing the 2? For a cat that is elementary dear Watson.
Get with it Toronto! Make him quit, no leave of absence. As I cannot vote because I belong to another race and live in Vaughan – no vote on this.
Brother Ford, Go to a clinicmaple leaf images,
run away from brother Doug,
take your medicine and get well.
The other area belongs to the police and the law.