Hi Everyone Daisy is back

I got the family computer at last. They are just PC nuts.
Just read how some pets have to use news paper shredded. LOL. They can p–s on the news, not read the BS. For humans the news papers p–ses on them thinking they have a 9 day memory not like elephants who would remember the news BS. We have good memories. Humans? they are like fruit flies. today – gone tomorrow. I have 9 lives.
I was thinking [I love to think] – What has the world done for animals? other than kill us. The ‘us’ I mean for the general animals, not for us house pets.  Just like people who say ‘us’ and never experience what happened.
So if we use their news papers for litter it may be one small way to get back at the human world for their abusive ways.

Read the news and it tells you how we are abused. In the old old days poor little lambs were killed for the sin of humans. Thank goodness this was not a cat thing. Now I was told that an Indian court bans animal sacrifice in Hindu temples. Excuse me, I thought they did not eat meat. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” – Mohandas Gandhi. If only he knew. Not only do humans not know how to treat us but they do not act kindly towards other humans. Just look at how they are killing each other. Maybe if more humans saw these psychos they would know how we feel about being killed for sacrifice and used for fun & food. I live in a meat eating home – what a horror and what bad behaviour when they know they can live without so much – you know what I mean.

Enough of how humans treat most animals and themselves. I really want to say that kitties are not the only people that have news paper in their litter box [our bathroom] Well, some people still take the news paper and read in their bathrooms. In the past when people did not have toilet paper they used pieces of news paper. Much like the Kittie litter some poor cats have to use. Not me, I have wheat, rather clean. Why am I giving you details of my life?
My advice for human, don’t trust what you read, what you see on TV and hear on the radio. Be like me, ignore the news, sleep a lot, torment your people and let them pet you. You see, we house pets are the elites of the animal kingdom especially in wealthy societies.
Perhaps the best way to understand the news is to send the papers directly to the Kittie Litter makers, dogs and cats who use them could tell you what is happening. Just as good as high paid talking heads and media people. You won’t believe us so why do you believe them? Most news funded by Big money. Get my point!

Oh my paws are hurting, I have said too much. Chow ( I mean I am off to eat) Daisy