I have not been able to get something to say as COVID took a lot of us out of everyday life to live like hermits. It was far more than social distancing. It was isolation.

Well, I am really back and will be posting my lived experiences and my worldview.

Currently, I have been reading how for three centuries and more with the tide of British expansion, English law became embedded into new lands in every quarter of the globe. It remains a basic element of the jurisprudence of independent countries like Canada, the USA, India, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaya, Ghana and Nigeria to name a few. Not only did they bring their laws but with it came the mixing of races. In India, they had the Anglo Indians while in Burma, people like my family were called Anglo Burmese. Looking at my mother’s picture, you become aware that the British did intermarry. Life was understood via British values and laws.

Doreen Andrews Jacobs