My human parents were talking about all the clashes around the world. Dad thinks people do not want the poor. This talk never ends. It is the same stuff every time they watch TV
I think Do-good organizations should see how my parents feed the outdoor animals.
I think they stay in the wild but are now looking good for all the free food they get; anyway, I see a skunk eating and a cat waiting his turn, then that big fat one – a raccoon with a baby.Oh that raccoon, I saw her sleep with her baby on top of her – it was cute but I think she should have gone home instead of sleeping on our front space. Cute eyes but I giggle as the neighbour is a bit frightened of the fat animal. All the animals that come eat their fill in turns. I find the birds rather greedy, especially one. Mum said he is like The Donald – I wish I knew him sound like a greedy man. The black small fat birds all came in a large bunch – over 50,. then they pooed on the outside chair, the one I do not use ( hee hee, I am not allowed to go out). Boy, mum was p…., I not supposed to use bad words.
Anyway we your four legged friends are not greedy, just you humans who never really learned to share. What a waste of good energy as the world has enough food ( and you eat us as well) to feed everyone. Though I’d preach a bit since today was Sabbath.