Sukie is my first cousin – posted his picture- so they have informed me. A dog for a cousin and he is mostly white. Me, I am truly biracial. What is the world coming to – Dogs and Cats!
He is cute but jumps a lot, not the way I behave around humans. I really don’t like dog behaviour as they are such sucks, get a backbone doggies. Looking for affection from anyone, not a good idea. I tried to tell him that – act like you don’t care and they will do the tricks to make sure they have your attention. There is no telling him that. He adores his family, I do too but they will never know this. Sometimes when dad talks to me I ignore him. Can’t do that with Mum as she has had cats since she was a wee little girl ( can you see her as a little girl, must have been a bossy brat.) Uncle Richard loves Sukie but he is like me a cat. Pretends he has his love controlled with Sukie. Mum said I send love messages with my eyes, she has my soft spot. Dad just loves me to bits and I have him under my control. I got to give Suk a few lessons to control his family, especially Uncle R. Aunt Odi just smiles. I think she is like Mum and knows the games we little family members play. The guys are easier. Sukie, wake up old chap.

The idea of love is difficult for humans as it has so many conditions in their relationships. For us in the other kingdom, we play we eat and we sleep. Sometimes we fight. Love is always there for us in all that we do. We love to play, we love oh yes we love to eat and don’t ask about sleep. I am told I sleep 65% of my life. That is a lot of love. As for fighting, we love that too. Dogs bark and rarely bite; but we scratch. NO voice just paws with claws and at times a bit of teeth. That is love too. Love of self. You see, I just explained love and it is so easy. I can love you because I know how to love myself. This is the first step. The next one is to teach dogs how to love themselves 100%. That task is a bit more difficult. If you have an idea let me know so I can help poor Sukie. Either he listens to me or I will have to send him to a self help group with the 12 step programme. Oh my goodness, Mum told me to stop stealing lines from her pdf files. The Dog and love stuff is all mine, Chow for now.

PS: I do not like water or swim. Will give them a big bite if they try!!!!

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