This is Daisy, I am so bored and wanted to tell the world I am alive and well. I have not used any of my lives and I no longer want to discuss social justice. I want to tell the world that ‘get on with life – and pull up your boots with some straps’ humans say all the BS so I wanted to try it out today. But…. let me say how I feel instead..

My ears are fed up with the news from the US- all they have is bombs, NJ Governor, & how someone was put to death in the USA – I am glad when my time on earth is over it will be with a vet and not a physician who gets paid to kill people. We are lucky I am told that when our time comes we go peacefully. The death penalty is only for humans. Enough of bad news.
The story I like a bit – another really fat man who is a politician is in trouble. One took drugs in Toronto the other is trying to drug the minds of his people with lots of stupid stuff – he did not know. They can’t kill or lie. There is a place in heaven for the politicians in the USA.
Poor Cristie Hell Boy but he let Ford Too Sad off the TV – we do not have to hear Ford.

That is what I learned from TV today which my dad is having a nap which mum is reading. Why do they have the TV on? Music would be better and I would dance. Oh yes, I know how to dance. But the TV is on so I will take another nap. Much better than the news – oh mum just put off the TV! I won by scratching the chair!!!  Innocent