Molly lived till she was past 19 years. She hated men till I came along. In fact she even started to sleep with me.
She had Kidney disease. We started to feed her only foods made in North America with no grain or by-products.
I think she lived longer because of this change but we could not reverse her disease.
I was looking into cat foods before the crack down. The ones made by large companies were using China.
Products from China gave our pet’s problems. I think her kidney disease was caused by products companies produced in China. Poor quality assurance programs, and audits – large profits.
The lack of care by major companies of human and our pets products is a disgrace – all in the name of share holders.
This abuse causes our ill health as well as our pet’s health. Just look at the milk products bought in the 2000s by UK and Australia who have great milk to make chocolates. And we thought we were getting food from these countries. Shame
We no longer buy food made in China other than their teas from reputable companies.

We miss you sweet Molly.

Our other pet, Daisy – the Queen of the home, now has food only from Blue Buffalo. She is healthy. The love our pets give us makes me want to be a activist for them.