Canadians! wake up; Where are your jobs going?

  1. RBC article Kathy Tomlinson                                    
  2. Advocate! Click on  MP  – as you owe this to yourself.  This is not fair.   
  3. Our students pay at least $1000.00 a course, take 20 courses and then cannot find work in Canada.

Awakening to the news today, and after speaking to a graduate student, I found myself not only upset but angry.
The IT  professor on CBC’s The Current was not in the least upset that his students would have to upskill   – as he said, because their jobs could go to less expensive labour markets somewhere out there in our global world. My first question out loud – then why are you teaching them YOUR course which pays you and will cost them?

The RBC ‘s action to use a third party is not about pitting worker against worker but points to a larger problem.  Canadian companies in Canada are taking jobs from Canadians and are providing jobs in foreign countries while selling their products to Canadians. Help me understand. Some on the left do not wish to talk about ‘foreign workers’ as it involves issues of social justice, but please look at our population in Toronto. These are the children of ‘foreign immigrants’ who need to work in Toronto. This is not about migrant workers, this is about profit at all cost. On the right, they just don’t talk about bad social policies.

The bottom line, we need work for our graduates. Thay cannot find work even at Tim Horton’s  (where you find them studying) who received premission to bring in temporary workers – 15,000 of them in 2012.
When I came to Canada, a racialized woman it was about a country where one came to develop and contribute. Today, we ask new Canadians to come, and to work, yet the very talent that brought them to Canada is out sourced to countries like India.

As well, our graduates should not have to go to China or India to find work while their jobs are  taken to these countries by third parties who are also registered with our government to insource 15% cheaper labour.

The  Harper Government is responsible for this deplorable sitution, and while MPs discuss this issue -Canadians are displaced from their jobs. This vision of cheap labour is outdated and careless.
54,500 jobs lost in March. Canadians have been careless as well. We need to write our MPs and hold them responisble for this and other actions. After all we pay them and they need to be held accountable.


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