New Year, and new ideas. The break was good – blogging also needs a rest. Gives you time to reflect as to how you position what you have in your mind.
A lot has happened in the world and yet everything stays the same. The struggles get a bit harder and the middle class is really not heard in spite of all stripes of politicians shouting out how they are for them and how they hear them. The structures of our institutions – oh how we lack true leadership.

Yesterday I was at a political candidate selection. An old friend asked me to come out to support him. Well, I found the speeches jarring and so full of ‘we are the good guys’ and ‘they are the bad guys.’ Really, if we in society buy this old type of BS then we do get the politicians and policies we deserve. Since not voting is not an option for me – then the question becomes how do I vote? The leader of one party is a tin head/ear and the representative in my area who is from the other party is a tin head/ear. So which tinĀ  one is worse? I will have to think this one through. New ideas, I really hoped I had some. Angry