Month: July 2021

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016

As the year ends, the pain and suffering for millions in our world goes unnoticed. Some get media coverage but most do not. Poverty exist in Canada while our new PM pushes his one big project bringing to Canada 25,000 Syrian refugees. There is no outcry of how the entire mess started with Bush and Blair who still enjoy a great life. Obama with his friends disrupted Syria. Africa is a mess in many places with refugees.

Human Rights and Social Justice the buzz words of Canada must be actions not only for 25,000 but for all in Canada who are hungry and homeless.

May 2016 be better fo

Daisy has gone to Kitty heaven

March was a sad month for the Jacobs-De La Maza family when Daisy went to sleep forever at home surrounded by her family.

Daisy gave us her love and cared for us and we will remember her as long as we live.

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