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Beirut explosion, COVID 19, Isaias leaves at least 5 dead – Human Sufferings

Beirut explosion, COVID 19,  Isaias leaves at least 5 dead – Human Sufferings

Listening to the different death occurring explosions, human-killing virus, and storms leave me feeling helpless. Are we helpless? Events that occur in producing social dislocation as noted are from internal forces such as disasters, persecutions, and intra-group armed conflict, the militarization of developing countries, as well as from external forces such as bombings and imposing wars from the Security Councils of other states. This displacement leads to the marginalization of many ethnic communities as well as many war-related deaths. All these traumatic events precipitated large groups of people to be dislocated with the next process being relocation and resettlement. This process results in the loss of many basic needs, the loss of loved ones, and unfamiliar cultural environments and communities. Dislocated persons become strangers in a new land with the loss of familiar sounds, sights, and smells.

What is missing around social dislocation is the discussion on the positive aspects of the human spirit. The destruction of traditional bonds of community and the new formations of the community is complicated and is unclear if the label social dislocation answers questions related to new realities of local-based networks and identities. Types of traumatic experiences are not the only variable in a person’s existence but attitudes towards life and the know-how in rebuilding, adapting to the present are part of a successful resolution (Sixsmith et al., 2014; Ungar et al., 2013; Polk, 1997; Fine, 1991) to trauma experiences.

Resilience is a useful concept regarding human populations as life for many is about the opportunity available for ‘that life’ to not just exist but to thrive. Resilience is part of the human experience from the time a human takes her\his first step. Falling due to balance and staying down is not an option for a toddler. They get up and try again. Reconstructing the self when allowed to do depend on social networks and economic policies. Social behaviour is constructed by reflecting on experiences the person has and interprets as positive and the reactions of others towards the same experience. Positive feelings can provide an impetus for repeating behaviours. To carry out daily life experiences many well-adapted individuals will seek help in unfamiliar environments. The ability to seek help is a transferable skill that not only shows resilience but also the ability to adapt. My question to myself and to you  – how are you adapting and thriving?

(some of the content is taken from my published chapter –

Social Dislocation, Adaptability, and Resilience in

Merle Audrey Jacobs (2015) Social Dislocation to Geographical Dislocation: Trauma & Resilience  (Ed). Toronto, APF Press. (refereed)

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