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On Burma/Myanmar: Does Special Rapporteur on human rights Tomás Ojea Quintana think anyone is listening? PART 3

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On Burma/Myanmar: Does Special Rapporteur on human rights Tomás Ojea Quintana think anyone is listening? PART 3

(Picture insert is my brother Richard with Odi)

If Quintana wants to resolve the Rohingyas plight in the Rakhine state he cannot use his current approach. As the UN, and Tomás Ojea Quintana cannot ask China to respect their Muslim community or Human Rights, the USA to give status to the 11 million living there, or Australia to take in Muslim refugees, nor Canada or the UK to change their citizenship laws, or Saudi Arabia to let Christians worship in public; so why does he think he can impose himself into current Myanmar?
In the past the peoples of Myanmar needed advocacy from the UN as there was a lack of free press and social media. Today, the news comes from within and there are political leaders speaking out. Let them resolve their issues. They will include the Rohingya community in some form of citizenship, perhaps not as an ethic group which may be a stretch for many within the country. The issue will be resolved by the people within Myanmar not by Quintana and his current approach.

 Added to the above historical facts,
Daw Aung San Su Kyi and other political leaders, even ex-generals, exist and can speak out for political rights, and human rights. Let them do their job as they understand the many voices within their own country. It is time that they are allowed to be the voice for Myanmar like Western politicians who are allowed the same right at the UN.

Western news agencies such as AP and Time (like Hannah Beech) using only certain local media, engaged in deliberate distortion while slanting their feeds in the West to TV outlets like Fox News, CNN to name a few. The news helps provide bias understandings towards Burma to readers. Their slanting of news also creates tensions in the region and within the country. There is a Western imperial agenda. Since the 1950s, the United States has secretly struck up alliances with the Brotherhood or its offshoots to control Communism – their rivals in the world for political control. (check Eisenhower and Said Ramadan). U.S. support of the Muslim Brotherhood, is not lost on Egyptians who just threw them out of power.

In 1986, within a period of eight months 54 Buddhist temples have been destroyed and 22 Hindu temples were burnt down by the Bangladesh military. Where was the outcry?
The world is surprised when Buddhist shrines, Christian churches get destroyed yet the Western media is silent.

The Western powers have an agenda to divide the Middle East letting women and minorities be abused by laws against rights, and killed by Islamist who do not respect the rights of others. Why should the peoples of Burma trust their meddling via the UN and Western media +NGOs.
My advice: Muslims and Rohingya within Burma work with Buddhist, Hindus and Christians within Burma/Myanmar to achieve your goals. Civil society is getting stronger there. Do not let the outsiders exploit you for their own interest.

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