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My Aunt Aloma, let me tell you….

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My Aunt Aloma, let me tell you….

Aunt Aloma, it is me Daisy.

I have a blog. Ha Ha before you. Well I have been using Mum’s PC and I tell her what to write. she hates being told what to do, you know that.
I know you like to travel, if you find a chap do not let him know about me as you know how men are about cats! Tell them I can give you a reference about how loving you are.  So watch out how you treat me the next time you visit. Remember, I now have the cards and you have to show me more love than before, and you cannot laugh at my being fat anymore.
Dad liked dogs first then he met Molly and Me. Ha ha, I am shaking as I laugh, he thought we were like dogs and we ignored him. Now I am number 1. I own him now and Mum can’t do a rat’s a__! She hated that as well, oh I control the house.

Aunt Aloma, you are so cute. You pretend that I am not as important but you love me. I know. You are not a cat person but you love me.
I hear you have a little one – a girl Ann. I know you love her but do not think that I will let you forget me.
I like to know if she is plump like me or I am a bit fatter? Not size just fat.
Can you make a cake for me? I want to give it to Uncle Richard for Odi. I can’t bake as I have paws. What a mess!
You cook, you sew, you travel – how do you find time? And you are on the phone to Mum! I must say you both talk for hours. What do you have to talk about for such a long time. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

Oh, I have to go to sleep. Love you in hot CA, USA. We are hot too  this July 2013 so I am not in the Sun-room what a pain. I own the sun-room and they don’t know. Humans like to think they own me but I own them. Can’t travel like you – they feel pain in leaving me and I make them feel so guilty. I love guilty. But I have another tacit for you which I will not share with the world. Anyway beautiful lady, I must say good night. Love you and Hugs, Your little Daisy

Daisy Jacobs-De La Maza

Loved by many, bi-racial, and happily retired. I enjoy long naps, and the occasional snack.

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