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Flyers thrown instead of delivery

Posted by on July 25, 2013 in Paco's Blog | 0 comments

Flyers thrown instead of delivery

Two people in a car drive and throw a bounded plastic bag on our driveway. They do not even care if it is raining.
What used to be a job for youth is now done by adults who want to earn $ but not provide service.
The lack of respect of what it means to do things right, have our local newspaper thrown far from the door and for the homeowner to have to retrieve this bag is not right. If one is away for a month there would be 4 bags left in the driveway for all the see.
Either deliver the weekly paper or do not deliver it at all.

Francisco De La Maza

Born in Cuba - American mother and Cuban father -. Now lives in Canada Children: Katie De La Maza and Tony De La Maza. Pass away June 2018 in Toronto.

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