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Canadian Multiculturalism

Canadian Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism has some positive aspects but it is more about demographic diversity, a recognized hyphenated Canadianism, as well as funding for some formal and informal ethnic minority organisations in civil society.
Minority ethnic identity is not truly respected as part of the larger Canadian identity when there are Anglophones and Francophones and others are labeled as Allophones.

Some in Canada like to identify multiculturalism and Aboriginal issues overlapping around concerns of racism and discrimination. To this discussion I assert that our First Nations peoples and their concerns that must not be linked with ethnic minorities as their official rights and the government’s obligations predate this Act with Aboriginal self-government rights. Canada officially is a bilingual and a multicultural country with Aboriginal peoples left out of this debate.

Multiculturalism is not only about visible minority groups, it includes all immigrant groups such as Italians, Greeks, and Portuguese. If Multiculturalism in Canada had initially been demanded by non-European rather than the Ukrainians in the West and Italians who were a large ethnic group in the GTA, European groups who were perceived by the dominant founding groups as having strong religious ties and liberal practice that fit into their Canadian mosaic, rather than groups like the Tamils from Sri Lanka, Muslims from Pakistan, immigrants from China, India, Somalia or the Middle East with cultural commitments to illiberal practices, and if their demand for multiculturalism was perceived as a demand  for such illiberal practices to be tolerated and accommodated, then I am quite sure that this Act would have been written differently or stayed Bicultural.

Today we have a Multicultural Act – Is it working: I say NO!

Merle Jacobs

From Rangoon to London then to Canada, now home. Professor in Toronto. Research areas - health and equity, the nursing profession, Anglo Burmese culture Published in the areas of Nursing, health, racism, critical human rights

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Cold and the news is on again

Cold and the news is on again

This is Daisy, I am so bored and wanted to tell the world I am alive and well. I have not used any of my lives and I no longer want to discuss social justice. I want to tell the world that ‘get on with life – and pull up your boots with some straps’ humans say all the BS so I wanted to try it out today. But…. let me say how I feel instead..

My ears are fed up with the news from the US- all they have is bombs, NJ Governor, & how someone was put to death in the USA – I am glad when my time on earth is over it will be with a vet and not a physician who gets paid to kill people. We are lucky I am told that when our time comes we go peacefully. The death penalty is only for humans. Enough of bad news.
The story I like a bit – another really fat man who is a politician is in trouble. One took drugs in Toronto the other is trying to drug the minds of his people with lots of stupid stuff – he did not know. They can’t kill or lie. There is a place in heaven for the politicians in the USA.
Poor Cristie Hell Boy but he let Ford Too Sad off the TV – we do not have to hear Ford.

That is what I learned from TV today which my dad is having a nap which mum is reading. Why do they have the TV on? Music would be better and I would dance. Oh yes, I know how to dance. But the TV is on so I will take another nap. Much better than the news – oh mum just put off the TV! I won by scratching the chair!!!  Innocent

Daisy Jacobs-De La Maza

Loved by many, bi-racial, and happily retired. I enjoy long naps, and the occasional snack.

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