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Bangladesh, am I self centered?

Posted by on April 29, 2013 in Daisy's Blog | 0 comments

Bangladesh, am I self centered?

Bangladesh what is this? Maybe they were going to get me a new type of expensive food. I know they only want the best for me. I was sitting in my sun room thinking of what next to eat when I heard Mother Merle talking to Dad about this. She just goes on and on. Always saying something of how these people in developed countries should be tried for murder.
Oh no, people died! It was about cheap labour in another country. All I do is think about myself and never what happens to others. That is how it should be for my kind in this world. So this has nothing to do with me, I can go back to sleep.
After all, if humans do not care about others why should a privileged cat take an interest in human rights and social justice. They are just big words with no real meaning when it comes to buying clothes, and all the other things my human parents buy. So why are they upset, must be a human thing to do – be upset and do nothing to change their way of living.  Selfish they sometimes call me, no it is just being me. Human’s are the selfish lot. They do not care about how others live in another country. I watch TV so I do see stuff.  I tune my parents  talk out but if the continue talking they will not bother what I am doing or not doing. Human concerns with no actions, makes for my liberty to sleep, eat, and sleep – I want humans to stop discussing this and act on something.

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