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Mike Sloan (@mikelondoncan) · Twitter – My tribute

A tribute is something that you say, or write that shows your admiration, gratitude, and also to show respect.

I have been following Mike on Twitter who has taught me to laugh in spite of death knocking at his door. He is wise and I want to pay him a small tribute for his life while he is still living in London Ontario. Every day I go to his twitter account to find out how he is doing and then find that he has posted the progress of his illness and then a witty post. His cat is important and I understand the role of our four-legged family who are there with us in time of need. Thank you, Mike, for allowing so many of us into your world and sharing so many meaningful insights into what is going on in this stage of your life.

Please read this that appeared on CTV and remember to live each day.


Merle Jacobs

From Rangoon to London then to Canada, now home. Professor in Toronto. Research areas - health and equity, the nursing profession, Anglo Burmese culture Published in the areas of Nursing, health, racism, critical human rights

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