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Premiers Meeting July 2013 – where is our PM? No to the Federal job program!

Premiers Meeting July 2013 – where is our PM? No to the Federal job program!

Where is out Prime Minister? He does not attend Premiers meetings! Grade: F
The RCMP is looking into his staffs’ behaviour with Duffy, yet he does not feel he must  improve in how he leads, comes across as   more inclusive and not viewed as tin ear leader. We hired him. Most politicians think they own us and that business is their mentor. They work for big business and we know that. We fool ourselves every election thinking this time the leader will be ‘for us.’

Why does he not respond to issues requested by our elected provincial leaders.  His disdain for the provinces can be seen in his behaviour over the years. The PM needs to meet with the Premiers in order to get things done in the best interest of all Canadians.

The job program was not accepted by the Premiers. Just being negative is not the answer. Will the Ontario PCs agree with the Premiers or will they just keep harping on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne? I am glad that the Premiers are acting strong around the Jobs Program.  “My way or the High way” is not the best way to make programs work. How did the Federal government come to this change without consultation with the provinces? Working together is not a strong suit of this Federal government. The Provincial Premiers did the right thing in rejecting this program as it interferes with provincial powers.

Gender of  Premiers – more women, perhaps the agenda looked more like a people’s agenda and not a big business agenda in this meeting because of them?.  Dialogue is important between the PM and Premiers. Our Federal government rejected the call for an  inquiry on missing Aboriginal women that was requested by the Premiers. I am not surprised – look at the Federal government’s history with First Nations.  I wonder if it were white women if the  the government would have acted differently? The answer is yes. A spokeswoman for Justice Minister Peter MacKay says the government has already taken concrete action, including passing legislation that gives women living on First Nations reserves access to emergency protection orders. Peter MacKay wake up, your emergency protection orders are not worth the paper it is written on.

Working as a team with our Premiers who are closer to their citizens would be a healthy change for the Harper government.

Merle Jacobs

From Rangoon to London then to Canada, now home. Professor in Toronto. Research areas - health and equity, the nursing profession, Anglo Burmese culture Published in the areas of Nursing, health, racism

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Flyers thrown instead of delivery

Flyers thrown instead of delivery

Two people in a car drive and throw a bounded plastic bag on our driveway. They do not even care if it is raining.
What used to be a job for youth is now done by adults who want to earn $ but not provide service.
The lack of respect of what it means to do things right, have our local newspaper thrown far from the door and for the homeowner to have to retrieve this bag is not right. If one is away for a month there would be 4 bags left in the driveway for all the see.
Either deliver the weekly paper or do not deliver it at all.

Francisco De La Maza

Born in Cuba - American mother and Cuban father -. Now lives in Canada Children: Katie De La Maza and Tony De La Maza. Pass away June 2018 in Toronto.

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