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Hello World,
It’s nice to get to know you.
Life is what you make of it.
For me, It’s about sun, it’s about a chair – no not one chair, but all the chairs in the house.
Because you see, life is about choice. I’ll tell you more about it next time, because I am off to find a more comfortable chair.

Daisy Jacobs-De La Maza

Loved by many, bi-racial, and happily retired. I enjoy long naps, and the occasional snack.

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This is a platform for my thoughts, analysis and understandings of the world in which we live. My views are based on the reading I have done over the years.
Of course I know there are many roads to Rome. However, I have lived most of my life in Canada and do not know much about roads to Rome. 🙂
Great meeting me on this blog. Have a great day and welcome.

Social justice + equity = a better life together .


Merle Jacobs

From Rangoon to London then to Canada, now home. Professor in Toronto. Research areas - health and equity, the nursing profession, Anglo Burmese culture Published in the areas of Nursing, health, racism, critical human rights

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